Oklighitngs.com is an online retail company specializing in Touch Lamp . We carry parts & supplies. Run by professionals who have experience of more than 15 years in lamp industry. Our core business philosophy that incorporates both a customer-focused approach to business and a customer-driven selection of products.

Our Packaging Policy Reducing packaging and waste is high on our agenda.

Our four guiding principles are:

Remove: to eliminate, where possible, unnecessary layers of packaging such as outer cartons, clam shells and shrink-wrap film.

Reduce: to reduce the material we use in our packages and ensure they are the optimal size and weight for their contents.

Reuse: to reuse packaging from the materials we receive at our warehouse.

Recycle: to increase the use of recyclable and single-material components in packaging for easy sorting and recycling at the end of its use.

Reuse Packaging

We use reuse old newspaper, boxes and bags for packing orders. We try to get the most use out of all of our packaging instead of throwing it out in trash containers.

Many times we work directly with the manufacturer to provide the products in bulk packaging. This removes the unnecessary plastic clamshells, cardboard containers etc. This helps a lot in reducing waste. The products gets shipped in our own new or recycled boxes. These products are in no way inferior in quality than the ones which come in retail packaging.